Mariella martinato

Exclusive & Prestigious Lifestyle Accessories

Mariella Martinato Materials

Only first-quality leather the use for the production of these collections. Buffalo, bison, Nappa, deer, python, and crocodile are a few; The softness and pleasantness to the touch distinguish these product lines from standard leather accessories. The high quality of the stitching, finishes, and design determine a Martianto's addition from a standard one.

Mariella martinato Craftsmanship

Mariella Martino Leather Work has always been known for preserving the whole development and production process in-house. With the introduction of several new products, the company has started cooperating with a couple of selected Italian artisan companies. By keeping and guaranteeing strict control of each step of the manufacturing process, Martinato can offer a high-quality product that is strictly "handmade in Italy." Mariella Martinato works directly with various Italian and foreign designers to be always informed about the different national and international trends to develop new collections and new products; Craftsmanship horn craft; Martinato passion for horns was born by chance visiting the workshop of an Italian craftsman exceptionally talented in producing artist!

Mariella martinato Horn Work

The horn is a natural material that has; been used for centuries in the production of prestigious accessories. Mariella Martino decided to brush up on these ancient techniques and create her collections. With the precious cooperation of a skilled craftsman, a unique and exclusive range of high-end products has been created to convey the flavor of the history, the art of craft, and the traditions from the past.