Pawn De Luxe has three forms of warranty, the different forms of warranty we give are explained in the paragraphs below.

  1. Authenticity: Pawn De Luxe guarantees you that any Pre-Owned watch sold by us is authentic. We check the authenticity of the full movement, the dial, and the entire watch case. We check whether everything is original and we check if all the parts belong together regarding the moment of production. However, some watches have had a dial change and sometimes the correct/original dial is not available anymore, in a case like this a watch will only be sold with an appropriate dial and you’ll be informed when we sell an irregular composition.
  2. Trade warranty: This applies for every Pre-Owned watch which is bought at Pawn De Luxe. When trading a watch back in we guarantee you that you’ll trade in for the price you’ve paid for it, when you meet the terms and conditions for our trade system. This is the ‘grow’ system with which customers can grow in the value of their Pre-Owned watch step by step!
  3. Movement function warranty: We give a warranty on the functionality of the movement. Any Pre-Owned watch sold by Pawn De Luxe has been through serious quality tests so they meet our strict standards related to functionality. Therefore we give a 12-month warranty upon the entire functionality of your watch movement starting on the date of purchase. The warranty is only valid with our warranty certificate present with the watch.

The movement warranty ends when:

· There’s been damage done to the watch due to blamable incautious behavior.

· There’s been work performed on the watch by other watchmakers than the Pawn De Luxe.

· There’s damage as a result of water/moisture in the watch.

Keep in mind that you’ve bought a Pre-Owned watch, these require more subtleness so treat them with care. Watch out with sports (shocks/g-forces). Watch out with water and moisture (heavy rain/bathroom), when there’s moisture in your watch it’s of great importance to get this cleaned out as soon as possible. Always have an expert take care of your watch, movements are complicated and require an expert approach.