• Obvious Errors

You would be surprised at how much low-hanging fruit there is when it comes to fake watches. The apparent errors are the ones easiest to spot. This could be spelling mistakes; yes, that does happen! It could be evident differences in the design of the watch. For example, many fake Rolex watches have a clear casing, but only a few Rolex models have a clear casing.

 Incorrect spacing between letters. Authentic watches are perfectly designed. One tiny spacing error in the model name means a fake watch.

  • Research, The Seller

Who is selling you this watch? A general high-street retailer selling gadgets, pre-owned games, mobile phones, and pre-owned watches is a risk. They are unlikely to have experience with the luxury watch market; even if they wanted to, they probably can’t advise you.

Individual sellers are also risky; it could be hard to find information about them online. You could look for information on past sales, enquire about those, ask if you can get in contact with the person who sold the watch. Don’t be afraid to check out the person you are doing business with.

The safest way to buy a pre-owned watch is through Pawn deluxe, and we advise that you always deal with sellers through us. 

  • Is The Price Too Good To Be True?

A genuine Audemars Piquet, Rolex, Patek Philippe, or any other luxury brand will cost a substantial amount of money. You pay for the craftsmanship and the quality that goes into the manufacturing of every single watch! Rolex manufacture all of their movements by hand, and they make their gold; 24 karats are shipped in and turned into 18 karats. If you find a pre-owned luxury watch at a bargain price, the chances are it’s fake. Do some research online and find out what other resellers are selling this model.

  • Play A Game Of Spot The Difference

Find pictures of what this watch is supposed to look like, and get the photos from the original seller if you can. Carefully examine the casing, the engraving, the face, the markings and look for any inaccuracy. Replicas will not be made with the same care as an authentic luxury watch. A careful inspection will reveal mistakes and errors, which will alert you that you are dealing with a fake watch.

  • Weighing In At

The quality of material used on a pre-owned luxury watch is impeccable. The highest quality steel, gold, and platinum give luxury watches weight. Most replicas are made with lower quality metals, and usually, you can tell the difference just by weighing the watch. If you have some experience, you might tell the difference just by handling a real vs. a replica watch. Beware of lightweight watches that feel cheap.

The best way to ensure authenticity is to buy through Pawndeluxe. All watches on our site have been checked and authenticated to give you peace of mind. Our goal is to make the buying process of pre-owned watches an exciting, online fun process!

The last thing you want to do is fork out several thousand dollars to realize that you have purchased a worthless fake watch later. The thought of people getting ripped off, their hard-earned money going to the organizations who fuel the phony watch market.